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Interview with Pastor Brett!

Q. How did you get into church planting?

A. The idea to Church plant has been brewing in me for almost ten years, however it's always been about the right 'timing'.
Ten years ago my family and I came out of some difficult ministry and personal life circumstances that made the possibility of Church planting possible but perilous. Instead, the Lord had has enter into a period of restoration and further ministry development as he positioned us back in ministry at Crossway. Over this time I undertook further personal and theological training. Last year the Lord once again challenged me about being open to the prospect of Church planting. This occurred about the same time David Lawton at Crossway suggested a strategy I hadn't considered before: 'Why not take a day or two out of your present schedule throughout 2007 and plant a Growth (small) Group in the area we are considering for a church plant. We'll call it an 'outreach' and let's see what happens? That's something I could do - I've planted plenty of small groups before - that's easy, I thought to myself, I'd love to do that!

Q. What happened next?

A. Over the next few weeks as Michelle and I shared this with our kids (Keshia was 16 at the time, Jemmah, 13, and Jarrod 11) God began to work in the life of each of our kids. I was stunned at how the Lord went about calling our children with both a vision of what a Church plant might look like for each of them and challenging them as to whether they are willing to uproot their lives, change schools and consider church planting (Isaiah 6:8). Their willingness catapulted us into beginning this journey!

Q. What do you want to see happen?

A. I am passionate about the transformation of people's lives. I desperately want to get a strong and vibrant Christian witness, a 'stake in the ground' for God, in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and support others that minister in this difficult and arid area.

Q. How did you begin?

A. Once plans were agreed upon and I was commissioned to recruit a team, share the vision and build this group, we set about forming a team and dreaming about some creative ways we could reach out to the people of Craigieburn. Our first endeavours included building a team of intercessors (currently we have over 120 people committed to pray for us). We also connected with other local and regional Church leaders, and we researched our area of interest.

Pastor Brett ministers with his wife Michelle, and adult children Keshia, Jemmah & Jarrod who are all active members of the church family.